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Saturday, January 30, 2010

..salah satu indie band yg aku paling suka music nyer ala2 artic monkey malaysia ..
band nie band dak2 town aku..jitra kedah in peace...

Warm-Liking Song
It's hard to fall in love, I mean it's easy to love somebody but the cover,
when this occur, it's pretty damn hard it's happen together and hardly
to get inside her heart, to get her perfect loyalty as she really wants me
this maybe could be, as if we're kissing we'll know what type person are

But I believe that the first love sight so totally amazing
It's only God's work, we can accept it or we can just let it go
and I believe when she said just me in her heart, but one day
I found there's another man with her

It goes for several times I got to rewind scene,
on how when I met her last year
I feel something on my shoulder and it's really heavy to carry on
and I keep wondering out how I want to beat him, cuz I want her back to me
Yeah, I want to beat him but there my best mates they told me

Now go up, look up to the sky, there are bugs fly,
there are more butterfly in this whole world
Just love it when you're in the blues

Well this is love

The Bourjuis – dame
On the good side, look at that side, it can transform
Bad side men heart, he’ll break up your nose
In the dark eyes, don’t look his eyes, he can incite
Till you be as what he want, or as what he need
Don’t play the game as mama keep telling and warning you
It’s not for mean friend as he keep telling and asking you
Don’t force a smile if you don’t need do to
Cuz he’s lot of trouble lady,
Yeah he’s lot trouble double bubble

“She’s a hot dame super patient”

“Walk away” You better walk away, walk away, go!

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